Agourelaio Organic EVOO

By Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms

Agourelaio is a premium organic EVOO made from Koroneiki variety with unripe olives, which have an intense green color and low acidity. It is made using cold extraction at 18 to 20 °C. For the organic unripe premium Agourelaio EVOO, the harvest and extraction of the olives take place in October, resulting in a precious unripe olive oil that stands out for its rich, fruity and characteristically bitter and pungent flavor.

Agourelaio Organic EVOO

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Our farm is situated in the Peloponnese, at the base of the Taygetos and Parnonas mountains, near Sparta, Lakonia, Greece. Here, we cultivate, produce and package Kalamata and Koroneiki variety olives, only organic and certified, since 1992. They are used as raw material to produce some of the top cold-extracted organic olive oils. Our products consist of our cold extracted, premium, limited edition, organic olive oils, early first harvest organic EVOO and unripe EVOO.
Region Lakonia, Greece
Cultivar Koroneiki
Suggested food pairing
Egg Salad Match: 4.7 / 5

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