2018 Silver Award

Almaoliva Arbequina

By Almazaras de la Subbetica

2018 Silver Award
With this wonderful extra virgin olive oil, we have bottled the best essences of the Arbequina variety. The sun of the Subbética Mountains illuminates this oil with a surprising personality - complex, harmonic and persistent shades of aromas and personality - that will not leave the taster indifferent.

Almaoliva Arbequina

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Almazaras de la Subbética and the cooperatives that merged to form it have received numerous prizes and acknowledgements throughout their history; not only for the quality of their olive oils but also because of their track record in continuous improvement, innovation and respect for the environment.
Tasting sensations
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Arbequina
Suggested food pairing
Broiled or Fried Poultry Match: 4.7 / 5

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