2018 Silver Award
2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award

Luque Organic

By Luque Ecologico, S.L.

2018 Silver Award
2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award
This oil features aromas of green fruit, grass, and tomato with notes of herbs. It is abundantly fruity and sweet with some bitterness, a medium pungency and a high complexity.

Luque Organic

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LUQUE ECOLOGICO S. L. is an amazing project started by Jose Antonio Luque as a family owned and operated company where extra-virgin olive oil was produced from ORGANIC FARMING. It is located in Castro del Rio, between Cordoba and Granada, in the heart of Andalusia, where the olives are lovingly cultivated and carefully harvested on our family-run organic olive groves. Through generations (7th generation as olive growers and 5th as olive millers), LUQUE family has been growing the olive trees in their own olive groves and in late 80’s has chosen the ORGANIC path in order to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil under LUQUE brand. Environment protection, sustainable activity and quality are our main goals that’s why we have been the first olive oil in Spain that has calculated and verified its “carbon footprint” and are I.F.S., ISO 14001, E.P.D., kosher and Vegan certified
Tasting sensations
Bitter Almond,
Red Chili Pepper,
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Blend
Suggested food pairing
Eggs Match: 4.8 / 5

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